NoSQL or not only SQL offers a fresh approach to database management systems. Identified for its non-adherence to relational database models, NoSQL databases are highly effective in situations where huge data sets needs to be handled without the need for following a fixed schema. NoSQL databases are not built on tables and don’t require SQL for manipulating data. NoSQL systems employ a distributed, fault-tolerant architecture and can effortlessly be scaled- out by adding more servers. NoSQL systems are perfect for real-time processing and analyzing of steadily growing data. Mongo DB, Cassandra, Redis, memcached are some of the popular NoSQL products employed in Big Data projects.

NoSQL databases brings-

  • Elastic scaling- By distributing the load over different hosts.
  • Cost effectiveness- It is an open source product.
  • Flexibility- Different databases for different projects.
  • Performance- Speedy execution of operations.

At [x]cube DATA; our expert team of NoSQL developers can help you pick the right NoSQL database by understanding your business requirements. And allow you to unlock the value of your data by architecting a customized big data infrastructure.

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