Big Data for Telecom

Telecom companies across the globe are seeing an unprecedented surge in scale, speed and scope of its services owing to advancements in technology, proliferation of mobile devices and the need & desire of the consumers to be connected round the clock, every day. Telecommunication is also witnessing a massive rise in data which if captured and managed effectively can lead to better service offerings, reduce in-response time and ensures higher customer satisfaction. Big data can help telecom companies in exploiting the vast deluge of data to reduce customer churn, decrease operating costs and better revenues.

Big Data can help telecom companies in-

  • Customer churn management– Identify customers with higher risk of leaving, identify retainable prospects and offer customized services to keep them.
  • Customer services– Get detailed customer behavioural insights, create actionable plans, offers customized services and explore new-revenue opportunities through up-sell/cross-sell.
  • Network maintenance– Get real-time picture of your network, analyse performance, detect and resolve issues and manage other stakeholders involved.

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