Big Data in Finance

The financial services industry has witnessed unprecedented changes owing to a major shift in consumer behaviour, stringent regulatory requirements, resource crunch and increasing threat on security. Financial services’, being a data-driven industry, sits on a massive pile of data gathered from multiple sources.  There is tremendous scope for the sector to unlock the potential of this data through a transformative technology like ‘Big Data’ and gain actionable insights leading towards better customer segmentation, improved product development, effective risk and fraud management and real-time decision making.

Big Data can help financial institutions in-

  • Customer Insight– Do accurate consumer segmentation, predict their needs and offer them fully-personalized services. Create opportunities for up-sell, cross-sell and repeat business.
  • Relationship Management– Leverage past consumer engagement data, bring customer-centricity and boost customer experience.
  • Process Management– Get insights on processes, delays & response time to build streamlined, agile and regulatory conformed processes.
  • Risk & Fraud Management– Assess risk profile, reduce risk exposure, detect and prevent frauds.
  • Decision-making– Use accurate, real-time data & information for informed and expedite decision-making.

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