Big Data in Healthcare

The healthcare industry is facing the challenges of making its services accessible and affordable; improve patient care, integrate various technologies to make it agile and cost-effectively manage various resources. Healthcare organizations are also seeing an unprecedented data deluge, more than they consume, in patient records, weblogs, lab records, physician notes and CRM etc. The huge volume of structured and unstructured data available can be the guiding light for healthcare service providers to build a sustainable and effective delivery system and answer to the various existing and foreseeable challenges.

Big data can help healthcare organizations in-

  • Patient care– Get patient history, bring patient centricity, cut-down duplicate tests and reiteration, reduce re-admission rates and drive better outcomes.
  • Healthcare systems– Build robust healthcare systems, remove performance bottlenecks, optimize resource utilization, and reduce costs.
  • Payment system– Reduce billing errors, verify eligibility, detect and prevent fraud claims and speed-up revenue recovery.
  • Patient education– Educate patients on preventive care and actively engage with patients post-discharge.

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